What the Innovation Man forgot

You have got to take a look at this really great IBM commercial that brings home a point close to my and my co authors heart.

Companies often do get stuck in the ideation stage (Discussed in the post on the Discovery capability). Coming up with ideas, even good ones, is actually the easy part. At one of our workshops a company representative ended the day by repeating implementation, implementation, and implementation that is what it is all about.

Of course that is not so easy when you realize all the politics, powerbases and uncertainties you have to deal with. The way around this is continually doing and experimenting and articulating the impact and implications of the results (Gina discussed this in her earlier posts on incubation and acceleration). Developing good experiments around markets, resources and organizing as well as technology and executing these experiments thoughtfully gets you to the level where you can begin to be poised for success. The data helps build the political coalitions you need to move ahead.



    My family runs business since I was born and it enriched myself to acquire business-base skill during my childhood by learning from my father and the environment since then. I started from very basic process of how to trade by selling goods, calculating changes, collecting money, demonstrating and explaining the goods’ detail for our customers all by myself. My father would let me ride along with him to buy our goods stock from the big whole seller who was a Thai-Chinese and owned the biggest variety stock of goods items. As we were his regular customer and as a trustworthy one, thus we obtained good credit from him and so it drove our business very well. We did not have to pay cash by getting credit of this store, our business gained nice profit and our shop was a successful one in the village. During that time, we sold all sorts of things, whatever the customers were in need, we were certainly able to provide. People from the other locality came to our village, most of them were in agricultural field, my father sold them from clothes, bedding, mosquito net and even paracetamal tablet for those who had fever.
    Apart from that, our family also had another business, repairing garage for the motor bike. People in the rural provincial earned their living from agricultural products and their most convenient vehicles were motorbikes. So people shopped at our shop, then left their bikes overnight to be repaired, changing tires and its parts, repairing tires, charging the batteries. They used the lights from batteries at night. In the morning, the farmers made their shopping and after that they went to work in the field. So during the working time of the customers, our shop was not so busy, I and my father spent most of the time repairing the bikes. Sometimes we repaired the farm’s truck. I enjoyed doing this mechanic work very much. It was fun to remove the machine, seeing its mechanical engineering process, adapting its parts and that was the beginning to inspire me to upgrade my knowledge by studying mechanic in my Junior-Vocational and Senior-Vocational year. It was the right time that computer drove its path into the main role in machine controlling system. During the summer, and off from school, I helped my father with the repairing garage business and made such a good reputation that our customers increased quickly. My electronic and machinery skill helped us to make a lot of money that my father allowed me to further my study in this field.
    I remember one of our customers had his agricultural machine to be repaired. It was Kubota, single piston diesel motor. The owner was able to use it very well and it was endurable for more than a year. However when he changed the shop to let his relative repair, he could use if for only one month. When he told me about the problem, I considered of how the differ of the parts used in repairing. Some parts might cost more, less than 3 dollars but it is very much more higher quality and endurable. I consumed that the other shop did not know how to select the parts and it caused the problem as he recommended.
    When I was 20, I studied in the university in mechanical engineering field. I started to invent a vehicle called Gas Skateboard. When looked back in my childhood, and working with my father in the garage of my father, I always questioned and answer myself about the logo of the goods’ products. And why pepsi had its symbol and registered the trademark. I wondered how important it was and started to compare with other goods items in my father’s shop. When I was in my Senior-Vocational year, I was doubted that why the mazda motor was rotary motor and why others did not do the same? And why most motorbikes were Ducati , why was not be produced with different valves to drive the motor. There were plenty of OHC valve, SOHC valve and DOHC. The questions were discussed among our study team and we started to search for its details and tried to find the answer. We could understand that the Desmodomic valve was the license of Ducati. But I still did not know what was the License Right. However, because of Ducati is my favorite motorbike as its body is specially designed. I, as a mechanic, know very well how much weight the body of the bike can bear. And additionally, its L-Twin motor is a wonderful one and it has its advantage to often get championship in the Super Size Car Racing for Ducati. I realized that the key was the L-Twin motor plus Desmodomic Valve System. The motor provided stable power even in the low cycle of motoring, and its safer driving when entering and driving out from the arch road. Two months later, I made a project for Lopburi Technical College and met a mechanical instructor. He told me that he could see the talent in my work and so I was invited to join his project team. The instructor explained its details and the process of how to register its License Right. It should be the most reward that I could have chance to learn how to protect my inventory product in the future. All is what we call Intellectual Property. And what I learned from joining the team was how to protect all rights regarding trading and business mean. I felt so thankful to my instructor and whatever I can do for him in return I should not hesitate to do so.
    I finally went into the process of registering the License Right of the product I have secretly invented for quite a while, the Gas Skateboard. After that 2 years when I was in the first year in my mechanical engineering university time, I won the first national prize and got the trophy from the Gas Skateboard in Thailand Innovation Awards 2001. My invention was broadcasted on many television channels, because of its astonish piece of work. And such piece of work has already registered the License Right 2 years before. I earned reputation since then and started to move to newer idea by bringing comic symbol or idol to represent the Innovation. So I put it as Innovationman and it has already been registered its trademark in Thailand. The story of the comic has made Innovationlady to be the main female character and the Comic book, Innovation, has been launched in the market. The theme of comic fighting can give the knowledge and idea in science and physic. The business management combined with the understanding of the Intellectual Property and the key of success that customer is our God will bring Innovation to achieve its goal and please the subscribers and customers. We can assure that our customers can be satisfed with our products and other varieties from both domestically and all corners of the world, such as the strange-handmade and rare device, some charms, protecting device, IT technology, sport wares, toys, collecting items, clothes, shoes, hats and caps etc that made from my invented designed. The goods offered also are new products, secondhand products that sold in the Ebay, exactly the same as my father’s shop in the past. The products can also demonstrate their quality both its size, ability, audition and other specific qualification via Youtube with the dimension in figure and simple measurement in order to decrease the customers’ confusion about the products as not to waste time in ordering and/or cancelling the goods caused by misunderstanding.

    I even have Intellectual Inventory Products been sold along with the License Right and its trademark. The customers can be made to their most satisfaction with our best service and good delivery system, fast and pleasant.
    I wish to wholeheartedly thankful to all those who have supported my products and to enhance the pleasure of Innovation’s customers more in the future.

    Acting Sub.Lt. Krairerk Sewana (Best)


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