Recognizing Innovators: The Connecticut Technology Council is Outstanding

Way back in January I was invited to give the keynote address at the Women of Innovation Awards banquet hosted by the Connecticut Technology Council. If you’re interested, you can watch it here. The awards program recognizes women in the workforce who are innovators, role models and leaders in the technology, science and engineering fields. Students at both the high school and college level are also recognized. Nearly 500 people attended to support their coworkers, friends, and community members who had been nominated.

It was an absolutely awesome experience to be in a room with so many innovators. Ten women were granted Awards in 9 categories, including Academic Innovation and Leadership, Collegian Innovation and Leadership, Community Innovation and Leadership, Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership, Large Business Innovation and Leadership (two 2009 Winners), Research Innovation and Leadership, Small Business Innovation and Leadership, Youth Innovation and Leadership, Public Sector Innovation and Leadership. They were extremely impressive people: scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy makers. You can meet a few of them below in the videos posted.

But beyond the fact that these people have achieved so much, and contributed so much through their innovation based careers, I was also impressed by the Connecticut Technology Council itself, and the role it plays in bringing together companies both large and small, government, and universities to consider how technology can play a more effective role in the state of Connecticut. Just having an organization such as the CTC in place, to recognize innovators, sends strong signals throughout the state and local community about the importance of innovation. And that can’t be bad.

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  1. Gina, thank you for the kind words about the event and about CTC. Your contribution was great and it is also important for us to expand the long and inportant relationship CT has with RPI. Your readers might be interested in our latest off-shoot of Womenof Innovation the new Girls of Innovation robotics team led by folks frm UTC and elsewhere. Check out our web site for more info. Thanks again.
    Matthew Nemerson
    CTC President and CEO


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