Introducing T. “Ravi” Ravichandran

I’m delighted to welcome Professor Ravichandran to our blog. Ravi has been a member of our research team since 2000. He has been working primarily on the development and fielding of two large surveys on management processes for breakthrough innovation. The data collection for our first survey is complete and he will be sharing some of those results with you. Our second wave of data collection is now underway. I don’t want to steal his thunder….just let you know that we are finally able to put some statistical prowess behind the prescriptions that we’ve been offering in this venue and in the Grabbing Lightning book…Plus a few surprises!

Ravi is a professor of information systems at RPI, but don’t let that fool you. He’s all about innovation…in IT and in everything else. He’s made quite a contribution to our research program and we are happy he’s joining the blog scene.

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