New year wishes to our readers and update from us

Next Year’s gonna be crazy!

Well, the holiday season is well underway and 2009 is nearly gone. Lois, Ravi and I wish all of our readers a wonderful relaxing rest of the holiday season. It’s been great so far, and I’m still taking advantage of these final few days. But can’t wait to tell you about recent experiences with a certain energy company who is seeking to grow 10x. I’ve had many inquiries of late from firms interested in our work. AND we’re preparing for stage III of our research program. We’ve just developed a brand new relationship with a cool group focused on talent development in large companies. AND the data from our survey has just come in. So 2010 promises to be a wild year as far as learning about how firms are developing capabilities for breakthrough innovation. (And mind you, they are rapidly becoming much more sophisticated!). BTW, did you see our article in the December issue of HBR?????

Wishing you all a great year and Stay tuned to learn more about “INNOVATION”…..

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