IBM @ HIMSS 2017 – Healthcare, AI, and Transparency

Last February, Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, gave the keynote address at the 2017 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference & Exhibition. This annual event attracts over 40,000 individuals from around the word that are currently working professionals, clinicians, vendors, and executives within the healthcare IT industry. Taking place in Orlando, Florida, Rometty’s speech emphasized the values and transparency in cognitive computing, especially through utilizing IBM Watson.

“Every new era [comes] with amazing, inspiring dreams, but they also come with questions,” she said. “We have to take [those questions] seriously. When a new era comes, it’s our responsibility to guide that technology into the world in an ethical and a really enduring way.” – Rometty

But, what does that mean for individuals working in the healthcare industry? This industry generates a massive amount of data annually that is impossible for working professionals to absorb, analyze, and use in a short period of time. By applying cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, thousands of journal articles on specific treatments or injuries can be collectively analyzed and presented for next steps with a patient’s track within seconds.

Will this technology replace doctors, or cause some to lose jobs? Rometty comments saying that “this isn’t man versus machine. This is man and machine together.” Some jobs will change, there will be an honest impact, but these new jobs will require a new set of skills. These “new collar” jobs are the future, and Watson will be there to assist. There will be a level of transparency with how AI functions, its purposes, and the business model around it. Especially within healthcare, this technology needs to be very secure as it becomes more personalized.

Will this initiative pay off for IBM? Watson Health is one of the company’s main focuses at the moment. It can be seen as a moonshot idea that is either a gamble or the next big return for the 100+ year-old company. The attendance and attraction at HIMSS 2017 for IBM was very strong, but it may have been due to individual curiosity about the recent failed partnership between Watson Health and MD Anderson Cancer Center. Can Watson Health bring personalized healthcare on a global scale? Will it fully be able to utilize its cloud-based technology for vast amounts of data and accurately analyze medical information through its integrated artificial intelligence? Will the addition of Watson Health create these “new collar” jobs and benefit doctors, or will medical check-ups and treatments be conducted by machines? Only time will tell, and all interested eyes within the medical and healthcare IT industry are on IBM Watson Health.

-Gavin Noritsky



HIMSS 2017: IBM’s Ginni Rometty talks trust, values in a cognitive computing era

Keynote at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

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